22–25 september
bargehouse, oxo tower wharf, london

the brands of 2023

In 2023, Material Matters will showcase a curated mix of exhibitors to celebrate the importance of materials and their ability to shape our lives. The selection included global brands, makers, designers, manufacturers, and artists working in materials that ranged from recycled aluminium, clay, wood and glass to orange peel, roots and sugar.

Jamps studio

  • ROOM 13.9

Jamps Studio is a design and fabrication practice based in Greenwich. It works with architects and artists to design sustainable approaches towards fabrication. It uses the waste and scrap material from its commercial practice to experiment and play with techniques and processes of making furniture. Since adding a metal laser cutter to its workshop, it began to amass a lot of aluminium sheet off-cuts. Rather than just scrapping this, the studio began exploring ways it could reuse and recycle this material in its workshop.

The company will be showing furniture made from re-processed scrap aluminium. Aluminium is an infinitely recyclable material which is extremely versatile. It is strong and light and can be worked easily. Jamps casts it and weaves it making the most of its inherent strength and softness. It is interested in the process of re-using scrap aluminium, developing techniques which go on to make unique objects.  

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