Juliette bigley

24.02.22. internet

Juliette Bigley is an artist who creates extraordinary, abstract, but somehow familiar, pieces out of metal. We first saw her work at New Designers, the graduate design show held annually in London, after she left the Cass in 2013 – and since then her career has gone from strength to strength. She has a piece in the permanent collection of the V&A; won a slew of awards; written a book entitled, Material Perspectives; and exhibited around the world.

Happily, she’s also an incredibly eloquent advocate for her material of choice and the importance of thinking through making.

In this episode we talk about: discovering metal by chance and the effect that moment had on her life; why making helps her to understand the world; how different metals have contrasting personalities; her fascination with the vessel; a love of lines and boundaries; her background in singing and healthcare; the relationship between music and making; her problem with perfection; oh and swimming the Channel (yes, really).

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Three Bowls Balancing is made from patinated copper. Image: Nicola Tree