studio Sanne visser Locally Grown

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Locally Grown is an interactive installation that will feature at the Material Matters fair. It invites visitors to explore their own hair as a potential new material. It comes from the fertile mind of Studio Sanne Visser, a material design research practice and a leading voice in the development of human hair as a scalable regenerative material.

The installation offers the chance to experience the full journey from fibre to product. Essentially, visitors will be able to have a free haircut and then see the ‘waste’ hair spun and turned into rope. There will also be an exhibition of products, using hair yarn, cord and rope created in collaboration with a fistful of designers who possess a like-minded approach to regenerative design. The exhibition is supported by The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and co-curated by Vickie Hayward of Company, Place. 

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