emerging themes

A number of themes are already emerging so far for this year’s fair.
Working with waste is part of material matters DNA and this year is no exception. Ferzom Ceramics  will be exhibiting a series of glazes made from 100% waste material. Likewise the homeware made by Rosy Napper is made from recycled ceramic and waste ash.

Alkesh Parmer
returns showcasing a new body of work derived from his research into locally sourced orange peel. VivÈrdie Industries is also back to show how to repurpose textile waste into new materials.

Another theme to be on the lookout for is Biomaterials. Mari Koppanen’s project Kääpä+ features amadou, a leather like material made from tinder mushrooms. Mushlume Lighting will be showing their bio fabricated lighting coll grown from mycelium- the roots of mushrooms. The fair will also feature lamps, jewellery and fashion made from roots by Rootful; lights made from a collagen- based bioplastic recipe by Sabrina Merayo Nuñez.

More traditional materials will also be on show. Modet a furniture brand works predominantly in wood and will be showing new designs and experimenting with different materials such as stone, leather and bronze.