the brands of 2023

In 2023, Material Matters will showcase a curated mix of exhibitors to celebrate the importance of materials and their ability to shape our lives. The selection included global brands, makers, designers, manufacturers, and artists working in materials that ranged from recycled aluminium, clay, wood and glass to orange peel, roots and sugar.

REZIGN by planq

  • ROOM 13.15

Planq is a Dutch sustainable furniture brand, bridging the gap between contemporary design and environmental consciousness. With innovative materials, such as recycled textiles and bio-based resources it designs interior products for a better tomorrow.

This year it will launch Rezign® materials: a new collection of materials made from textile waste like post-consumer denim, army clothing, suits and white denim. This is combined with biobased resources like flax and jute coffee bags to create veneer, multiplex board and flex sheet materials.

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