the brands of 2023

In 2023, Material Matters will showcase a curated mix of exhibitors to celebrate the importance of materials and their ability to shape our lives. The selection included global brands, makers, designers, manufacturers, and artists working in materials that ranged from recycled aluminium, clay, wood and glass to orange peel, roots and sugar.

Studio Imogen Jo

  • ROOM 13.20

Studio Imogen Jo was started by two friends, Alex Ellerkamp and Phoebe Mendel, after attending the Royal College of Art. The pair wanted to create a space for the exploration of their ever-evolving ideas and interests, united through their refined and playful aesthetic. The first project they’ve collaborated on is the Tumble Table – a dining table which combines the ancient tradition of wood joinery with the digital fabrication of a CNC. It is designed to bring people from different cultural and language backgrounds together through the ubiquitous game of Jenga. The game pieces are embedded into the table top, which sit seemingly precariously on top of the lattice base, reminiscent of the game itself.

The duo continues to develop designs for homeware that aim to bring a sense of warmth and familiarity into the home through playfully tactile objects, integrating the digital with the physical – finding a way to harness the opportunities and potential of new technology while not losing the human touch and cultural heritage of craft.

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