the brands of 2023

In 2023, Material Matters will showcase a curated mix of exhibitors to celebrate the importance of materials and their ability to shape our lives. The selection included global brands, makers, designers, manufacturers, and artists working in materials that ranged from recycled aluminium, clay, wood and glass to orange peel, roots and sugar.

The Tyre Collective

  • ROOM 8

The Tyre Collective is a clean-tech start-up spearheading the capture and monitoring of tyre wear, accelerating the shift towards true zero-emission mobility. Tyre wear is the second-largest microplastic pollutant in our oceans and a major air particle matter pollutant.

It is developing the first on-vehicle device to capture tyre wear at the source, which uses electrostatics and airflow to attract tyre particles. Once captured, this pollution can be upcycled into a variety of applications, creating a closed-loop system.

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