ptolemy mann and colour  

The material Matters with Grant Gibson podacst returns and it is off to a colourful start with Grants first Guest, Prtolemy Mann.

Mann is a British artist who first came to widespread attention with her woven textile pieces, often stretched across a frame and notable for her extraordinary use of colour. 

Currently, she has a show of her paintings at the Union Club in London’s Soho and another  solo exhibition with Taste Contemporary at Cromwell Place. Her first monograph will be published later this month.

In this episode Grant and Ptolemy  talk about: why the time is right for her first book; her fascination with colour; being told was a ‘terrible’ painter as a student; taking up weaving and her love of the craft’s restrictions; learning to stand up for her ideas; unexpectedly creating products for John Lewis; picking up a paint brush again; how the realisation she wasn’t going to have children changed her practice; why her new works are ‘an act of anarchy’; and growing up with her ‘bohemian’ father. It is definitely worth a listen.